Roy Metal Finishing Zinc electroplating is a technique

Zinc & Zinc Alloys

Zinc electroplating is a technique that involves depositing a layer of zinc onto a metal surface through an electrochemical process. It is commonly used to provide corrosion resistance and improve the appearance of steel and iron-based materials. The zinc coating acts as a sacrificial layer, protecting the underlying metal from oxidation and extending its lifespan in various applications such as automotive parts, hardware, and galvanized steel structures.

Passivates & Topcoats

We offer a variety of zinc & zinc alloy finishes. As part of our zinc and zinc alloy finishing processes, we offer environmentally friendly passivates and topcoats that:

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Roy Metal Finishing, located in Greenville, South Carolina, is the largest independent metal surface coater in the southeastern region of the US. Our core technologies are electroplating, e-coating and powder coating. We service the transportation, construction, agricultural, appliance and industrial markets.

RMF is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Aalberts family of companies, which consists of over 150 companies and over 13,000 employees located throughout Europe, Asia and North America, all in pursuit of excellence through winning with people.


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